Nama Raw Foods

Nama Raw Foods

110 Talbot Rd, London W11 1JR, UK

020 7313 4638

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Nama is a raw food restaurant based in London’s Notting Hill. A self-proclaimed raw food nirvana, Nama offer more than just dining – raw food courses, catering, raw food cleanses, juice cleanses and information on the raw food lifestyle – whether you eat a 100% raw food diet or just a little bit here and there.

Raw food is known for its health benefits and technically refers to food that hasn’t been cooked, treated or processed in any way above 115°F, retaining vital vitamins and minerals. Everything on the Nama menu is as fresh as possible, and sourced locally, as well as being 100% meat, wheat, dairy and gluten-free. Refined sugars are out, leaving desserts completely guilt-free. Benefits of Nama food include increased energy levels, radiant skin, better concentration and better sleep.

Food is handmade on the premises, and choice is plenty, blowing away the misconception that raw vegan food is limited. Nama also believe in a multisensory dining experience, producing ‘Instagrammable food’ in the light, bright airy space of the restaurant, reflecting the purity of the food.