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Margaret Dabbs

Margaret Dabbs

7 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 8UU, United Kingdom

020 7487 5510

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Margaret Dabbs, a fully trained Podiatrist who set up a series of Foot Clinics starting in 1998 and pioneered the now highly renowned “Medical Pedicure”, is truly passionate about feet. Feeling let down by products that were either treatment remedies or beauty products which were ineffectual as a treatment, or were just simply unpleasant to use, Margaret set about sourcing raw ingredients from around the world and worked within her consulting rooms to create a range of foot products to use within her clinics. These products were both effective on a treatment level and gorgeous to use.

Since then, Margaret’s prestigiously located clinics have gone from strength to strength and the medical pedicure has gained cult status globally.

Having introduced highly trained nail technicians, and by combining health and beauty, Margaret’s team of technicians work to perform manicures and pedicures which have been adapted as industry-standard, using luxurious, innovative and effective products.