Ananda in the Himalayas

Weight Management

Ananda in the Himalayas, India

From USD 920 Per Person Per Night

Ananda’s weight management program provides a scientific methodology with guidelines for managing weight on a sustained basis. The pillars of Ananda’s weight management program are Detox therapies, Exercise, Yoga, Diet and meditation.

A key problem with weight management is in the mind. Most people who are overweight have a poor self-image. This is why Ananda’s weight loss program is one of the few in the world where meditation is such a key component. Meditation helps to balance the mental and physical aspects of weight management. Our weight management program applies a supportive, non-aggressive approach that yields the desired results; this is what makes this program one of the best weight loss retreat in India. Based on the best of both Western and Ayurvedic Treatments, the program is a safe and effective way in which to lose those extra inches.

The Spa provides the ideal atmosphere and complete privacy in which you can learn how to gain control and balance in your lives, which are is a basic ingredient for healthy weight management.

Package Duration: Available for 14 or 21 nightsPackage Duration: Available for 14 or 21 nights

Offer expires: 31st December 2019

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