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Vana Retreat, India

From INR 44,000 per person per night

Take time to settle in at Vana, discover it and yourself fully. Explore each of our pillars of wisdom, wellness, learning and giving. Work with physical concerns, the mind and spiritual wisdom equally. Surrender to Vana, craft a new inner and outer journey. Work on your awareness and sense of connectedness, through nature and meditation. Engage with our experts and learn from their abilities. Work on transformation at a deep physical level, through treatments, sessions, special diet plans and by learning to make informed choices. Be transformed, take Vana home with you and stay on the Vana journey.

Minimum 14 nights. Three wellness weights per night.


  • A Retreat Program with yoga, meditation, cuisine lessons, functional fitness, talks, music and more.
  • Arrival and departure wellness consultations.
  • All cuisine including breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.
  • Private treatments/specialist consultations/sessions based on 1 – 3 wellness weights per night per guest.
  • Attire to wear within and outside Vana, footwear, summer and winter accessories.
  • Airport transfers from Dehradun Airport.
  • All taxes included. No service charge or gratuities added. The team does not expect tips as appreciation for their work.

Private treatments and sessions are valued in wellness weights, mostly between 1 and 2. À la carte wellness weights may be taken while at Vana, if required. Retreat Program activities, free time and personal practice are just as beneficial as wellness treatments.

Offer expires: 31st December 2020

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