Hotel Lily of the Valley

Ultra Weight Loss

Hotel Lily of the Valley, France

From € 2,100

This program helps you to get back in shape, along with a feeling of well-being through complete care of the body, regular sporting activity, treatments aiding drainage and elimination and rigorous dietary monitoring for acquisition (or resumption) of good eating habits.


  • Lose weight and acquire healthy eating habits
  • Improve overall physical condition and regain vitality
  • Analyse and take action on body composition

Program choices range from 4 – 28 days

Four-day programs include:

  • Initial evaluation and creation of a personalized program
  • 1 consultation and follow-up with a naturopath or dietician
  • Full board with personalized menus
  • Final evaluation and lifestyle & diet recommendations
  • 2 hours of sport every day, in groups (choose from 70 different activities)
  • 4 energy art sessions recommended
  • 1 private coaching session, indoor or outdoor
  • 2 INDIBA slimming treatments
  • 1 BioparHom analysis
  • 1 SKIN INSTANT LAB skin diagnosis
  • 2 energizing/Ayurvedic massages
  • 2 slimming and detox body wraps

Offer expires: 31st December 2020

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