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Hotel Lily of the Valley

Ultra Sport

Hotel Lily of the Valley, France

From € 2,100

Boosts overall health and fitness, helps to improve physical and mental performance and achieve ideal body weight through an intensified sports program, rigorous dietary monitoring and treatments focused on preparation and recovery.


  • Achieve ideal body weight and acquire good eating habits
  • Improve muscle tone and maintain overall health and fitness
  • Enhance physical condition, energy levels and posture

Four-day programs include:

    Initial evaluation and creation of a personalized program
  • 1 consultation and follow-up with a naturopath or dietician
  • 1 consultation with an osteopath
  • Full board with personalized menus
  • Final evaluation and lifestyle & diet recommendations
  • 2 hours of sport every day, in groups (choose from 70 different activities)
  • 4 energy art sessions recommended
  • 4 private coaching sessions, indoor or outdoor
  • 1 BioparHom analysis
  • 2 INDIBA muscle-recovery treatments
  • 2 pressotherapy sessions to improve the circulatory system
  • 2 personalized massages
  • 1 energizing/Ayurvedic massage
  • 1 regenerating exfoliating treatment to help skin breathe

Offer expires: 31st December 2020

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