The Original FX Mayr Health Center

The Original Mayr Basic

The Original FX Mayr Health Center, Austria

€ 1.435,- for 7 days per person excluding accommodation

With Mayr Basic we offer a week-long treatment for regeneration and recreation. Enjoy the wonderful peace and quiet in our house, practise mindfulness and provide your body with exactly what it needs. Our physicians and therapists cater individually to your needs and wishes – and thus ensure an optimal treatment course.

1 x Initial medical examination
1 x Final medical examination
3 x Medical check up with abdominal treatment
1 x Exercise therapy analysis
2 x Hay flower detox wrap
1 x Alkaline detox bath
1 x Electrolytic foot bath
1 x Acid alkaline test
1 x Urine analysis
2 x Medical massage
1 x Lymph drainage

Offer expires: 10th December 2018

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