SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA Anti-Stress Management Program

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

From € 3.500 (excluding accommodation)


Reduce chronic stress levels accumulated in the body and identify situations contributing to raising them, with the aim of reducing adverse symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and irritability. All this contributes to restoring optimum levels of health and energy. Identify how the body and mind react to stressful situations and learn to manage them more effectively, by acquiring new lifestyle habits and learning how to maintain the balanced state obtained over time.

Length: 7 days

Recommended For:

· People who, due to continued exposure to internal or external factors, suffer from chronic stress that affects their day-to-day performance and that may cause them emotional, social and even health problems

· People who may not be suffering from a medical condition
but who want to learn to manage occasionally stressful
situations, in order to avoid damaging their health


· General health examination

· Initial laboratory test

· General medical consultation at the beginning and
at the end of the programme

· Revitalising medicine consultation

· 2 ozone therapy sessions with GAH intravenous

· Capillary health assessment

· 1 dietary supplement Triptofano Aasa

· Consultation with an expert on nutrition and natural therapies

· Nutrition plan adapted to your needs

· Natural therapeutic drinks, according to the prescriptio
· Nutritional follow-up during the stay

· Personalised health plan

· 2 sessions with emotional and stress management expert

· Traditional chinese medicine consultation, according to the
prescription: acupuncture, laser acupuncture or moxibustion

· 1 traditional chinese medicine treatment session,
according to the prescription

· Energy health assessment with bioenergetic mapping
and evaluation

· 2 energy health treatments, according to prescription

· 2 body & mind sessions, according to your needs: yoga,
meditation, chi-kung or pranayama techniques

· 1 mindfulness session

· 1 tibetan healing bowls massage

· 2 traditional massages or oriental therapy sessions, according to your needs: relaxing massage, deep tissue massage or thai

· 1 shiatsu massage

· 1 watsu session

· 1 detox hydroenergetic cure treatment, consisting of
hydroaromatherapy, fitomudtherapy and hidrojet

· 1 oxygen bar session

.1 craniosacral massagein water

· Access to the Hydrotherapy Circuit, according to the prescription (sauna, Roman baths, Turkish baths, cold plunge pool, hydrotherapy pool, lap lane, foot baths, bithermal showers, ice fountain, therapeutic water jets)

· 1 introductory evaluation and advice session with a personal trainer

· Free access to group activities: talks, holistic activities, training
and physical conditioning sessions, walks and healthy cooking
classes, among others

Offer expires: 31st December 2019

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