Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

Rosa Spa Days

Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa, Italy

From €230 Per Person

Collections of treatments that are taken together as ‘Spa Days’, offer real benefits and a fuller spa experience. Each collection begins with a fragrant pomegranate foot bath. An aromatic steam room or a private Rasul experience is also included according to the collection, along with some time for relaxing and lunching in the beautiful surroundings.


Private Spa Suite for two people or more. Allow all day, as there are approximately 4 hours of treatments including the Rasul. Pomegranate Foot Bathing, Rasul, 60 minute Santa Maria Novella facial, 60 minute Spa Massage, Manicure or Pedicure.

A full day to share with friends or a special other, the use of our private Rasul, Spa Suite and terrace make this a privately social occasion. Light lunch included.

Private Spa Suite for two people or more. Approximately 2.5 hours of treatments including Rasul. Pomegranate Foot Bathing, Rasul, Aromatic Scrub, 60 minute Santa Maria Novella facial or a 60 minute Spa Massage.

A lighter version of our full Spa Day for two. For when you need to relax in company, but have a little less time.


Allow all day, as there are 3.75 hours of treatments. Pomegranate Foot Bathing, 60 minute Santa Maria Novella facial, Aromatic Powder Scrub and Spa Life Massage for 60 minutes, a choice of a Manicure or Pedicure treatment.

For a complete day of Santa Maria Novella spa treatments that cover every angle, relaxing, refreshing, nourishing and grooming. Full immersion in the Spa for the day with a light lunch included.


Approximately 3 hrs of treatment time. Menthol Salt Foot Bathing, Santa Maria Novella Classic Facial for men, Deep Tissue Massage, A choice of a Hand or Foot Treatment with attention to nails. A day that can be used to recharge, with treatments from his perspective. A light lunch is also on the menu.


Approximately 2.5 hours of treatment time. Pomegranate Foot Bathing, Aetas Salubris 75 minutes facial and Iris Drizzle Hydrating Body Wrap.

This day is all about feeling good and looking radiant. A warm relaxing Pomegranate Foot Bathing makes an especially uplifting start and it only gets better and more fragrant. A Light lunch is included.


2 hrs of treatment time. Pomegranate Foot Bathing, Body Scrub, Hair treatment, Candle Massage including face, scalp and feet.

Traveling and daily stress interferes with our sleep patterns. The aim of this treatment is to restore the body’s natural biorhythm and deeply relax the nervous system.

The Candle Sleep Massage is a deeply focused relaxing massage with a Santa Maria Novella candle wax made of pure plant oils and prime emollient butters. Lit as a normal candle the wax begins to melt to body temperature and is buffed and layered into the skin with the low and delicate warm scent of spice. Additionally, the scalp and feet are treated with gentle acupressure massage to induce calm and balance.

Only light Thermal bathing is recommended prior to this treatment.

If you are looking for something a little different or wish to have a collection of treatments that reflect your needs more accurately, the Spa Manager will be happy to organize an individual programme of treatments for you or your guest.

Offer expires: 31st December 2020

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