PREIDL Perfect Shape

Preidlhof, Italy

From € 984 per person

Get back in shape: For anyone who wants an aesthetically toned body. Experience the effective combination of proven therapeutic and training methods on the way to your dream figure.

  • Initial medical consultation with PROGNOS measurement, 25 min.
  • Concluding medical consultation, 25 min.
  • Medical abdominal acupuncture, 3 sessions after Yamamoto of 25 min.
  • Medical hypnosis to get to the bottom of your issues, 80 min.
  • Personal training with BIA measurement, 2 sessions of 50 min.
  • Quick wrap, 3 sessions of 50 min.
  • Relaxation in the Deep Sea Room, 2 sessions of 15 min.
  • 1 cooking workshop – “My healthy kitchen”

Offer expires: 24th November 2020

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