The Original FX Mayr Health Center

Mayr Classic

The Original FX Mayr Health Center, Austria

14 days € 2,450 per person (excluding accommodation)

Enjoy a wonderful time of renewal, self-awareness and perception that engages all your senses.
Body and mind are thoroughly cleansed and detoxified by the tea fasting period. Person and organism come into to balance, like a new beginning. Here all applications of the Mayr medicine are in action. Assisted by experienced doctors and therapists a new, healthy life rhythm can develop – and become established long-term.


1 x Initial medical examination
1 x Final medical examination
6 x Manual medical abdominal treatment
1 x Exercise therapy analysis
4 x Hay flower detox wrap
1 x Alkalinsing detox bath
2 x Electrolytic foot bath
1 x Acid alkaline test
1 x Urine analysis
4 x Medical massage
2 x Lymph drainage
The minimum duration is 14 days

Offer expires: 31st December 2020

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