5-night “Preidl Health Check” programme

Preidlhof, Italy

From € 1,611 per person

The ideal programme for busy people who really want to recharge their batteries whilst maximizing mental and physical performance. Preidlhof offers a health check and effective tailor-made programme of treatments and therapies to promote good health and support the ultimate goal of a work-life balance.

The programme includes:

  • Initial medical consultation with heart-rate variability measurement (HRV), 50 min.
  • Concluding medical consultation with HRV measurement, 25 min.
  • Medical acupressure, 3 sessions of 25 min.
  • Vital Masage, intensive back massage, 50 min
  • 1x Shiatsu, 50 min.
  • PREIDL harmony massage, 75 min.
  • Relaxation in the Deep Sea Room in the Spa Tower, 2 sessions of 15 min.
  • Option of additional individual infusion therapy

Offer expires: 24th November 2020

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